Merry Christmas!

This week is a great week! We all need to remember what Christmas is truly about. Remember your family and friends around you, remember those loved ones past, remember those in need and remember to thank God for another day on earth.

I am very thankful for a wonderful husband, 5 beautiful kids, 2 dogs and a loving extend family. I am thankful for God in my life, for the opportunities and gifts he has placed in front of me. This New Years I will be sitting down with my kids and doing a special project that was mentioned to me this past week. I am going to have each of us list or draw our goals for the next year in regards to Faith, Education, Family etc. I think it sounds like a great way for us to have some insight into our kids as well as ourselves. Next Year we can then reflect on those goals and what we all accomplished.

In January I will be working on Promotions for Seniors, Spring Weddings and Easter. Please check back for the great deals!