Sundberg Photography ~ 2011 Review

God once again has been so good to me this year and blessed me with some awesome clients! Sundberg Photography continues to grow and grow each year.  I am so extremely lucky to be doing something I love. My weekends this past year were full of memorable celebrations and family togetherness.

To my 2011 Clients ~

I am so thankful you chose me as your photographer to be there to capture the moments of laughter, play and love. I had an awesome time with each and every shoot/wedding. I have gotten to watch your kids and families grow. I am so grateful to photograph some of you for the 3rd or 4th time. Thank you for your loyalty. You have recommended me to friends and family and for that I am so thankful. Your support is awesome!

Thank you for all your reviews, comments, posts etc. I am so excited for 2012, more laughter, love, weddings and growing.

I have chosen an image from each 2011 family or wedding shoot. It was so hard to choose.

Vote for your favorite image by leaving a comment on this post with the image number. The image with the most votes has a $100 gift card going to its corresponding family/bride or groom. Use it towards your prints or future portrait session. Voters you get to have some fun too. One of you will receive a $50 gift card to use toward prints or future sessions. I’ll use a random number picker to choose the comment winner so please be sure to use a legit email.

Voting ends January 20th, 2012 at midnight. Please, one vote per person.

1. Alexander Family

2. Alvarez Family

3. Baalman Family

4.Baalman Wedding

5. Chelf Family

6. Difani Family

7. Darrow Wedding

8. Reece Downs

9. Ellis Family

10. Golder Family

11. Gragg Family

12. Hall Family – Maternity

13. Hall Family – Newborn

14. Kaitlyn

15. Lilly Zak

16. Lilly Zak

17. Colton & Kayla

18. Landgren Family

19. Kramme Wedding

20. Murphy Family

21. Miller Wedding

22. Robson Family

23. Murphy Wedding

24. Roettger Family

25. Piantanida Wedding

26. Marissa & Kalissa

27. Erin & Ryan Engagement

28. Terrell Family

29. Hudson Wedding

30. Jacob Wood

31. Brocksmith Wedding

32. Taylor Wood

33. Devon & David Engagement

34. Woodruff Family

35. Roettger Wedding

36. Alex Green

37. Katie & Mike Engagement

38. Aubrey39. Bampton Girls

40. Kelsey Bopp

41. Jessica Brown

42. Browning Family

43. Canty Family

44. Fowlkes

45. Eisenhart Family

46. Freiburg Family

47. Stacey Wedding

48. Gray Family

49. Haag Family

50. Elena

51. Hall Family

52. Hudelson Family

53. Huester Family

54. Lopez Family

55. Maassen Family

56. Morris Family

57. Nichols Family

58. Ramsey Family

59. Rigg Family

60. Briana Rigg

61. Julie Reisinger

62. Scales Family

63. Sams Boys

64. Stanfill Kids

65. Hough Girls

66. Alexis

67. Trantham Family

68. Trimble Family

69. Willyard Family

70. Wilson Family

71. Yocks Family

72. Young Wedding

73. One Big Family